Internet Marketing – Effects on Industries

Internet marketing has impacted the way we currently do our personal business as well as our providing many marketing opportunities for the entrepreneur. The Internet has brought media to a global audience, and in return, the interactive design of the Internet marketing provides instant responses and elicits responses creates a very unique quality of medium. Internet marketing is a broader scope because not only does it incorporate the Internet, email, wireless media, but it also includes the management of digital data, and electronic customer relationships. The appeal of Internet marketing emphasizes a specific behavior or interest, rather than out to a broadly defined demographic.Online advertising methods have been dramatically altered by the technological advancements in the telecommunications arena. With the development of Broadband, advertisers can more effectively engage in manage branding campaigns that seek to shape consumer attitudes and feelings concerning specific products. The rapid growth of broadband technologies will encourage online advertisers to design rich multimedia content that will produce a level of comfort with their target-viewing audience. It is safe to say that with connection speeds ever increasing so will the frequency of online branding campaigns.Let’s also look at how Internet market has affected the online banking industry. Since there many banks that offer their customers the ability to perform many banking tasks over the Internet, it is more convenient and faster than had their customer visited a bank branch. Another industry that has been impacted by Internet marketing is the number of Internet auctions. These Internet marketing businesses have become a multi-billion dollar business for many. Items that were only available at flea markets are now available on Internet auction sites, such as eBay. Buyers and sellers will often look at prices on the website before going to a flea market, keeping in mind, that often what happens is the price on eBay is now the selling price. It is safe to say that eBay is used as a price-basis for specialized items such as antiques, clothing, etc.Aside from the fact that Internet marketing has had a profound affect on the technology industry, it has hugely impacted the advertising industry. Online advertising has grown by leaps and bounds, and is worth tens of billions of dollars annually. If you do not believe that last statement, just take a look at recent reports from PricewaterhouseCoopers. Also, consider our last Presidential election and how Internet marketing strategies had a growing impact on the electoral process. The Presidential candidates of 2008 utilized Internet marketing strategies to reach their constituents. It was estimated that at the time of the primaries, the candidates added on an average of 500 social network supporters per day to assist with getting their message out to the American public. Keeping mind, that President Obama raised over $1 million in donations in a single day, and this was primarily achieved online during his campaign. To say that the Internet has an impact on our lives is merely an understatement. Effective Internet marketing may have won the Presidential campaign in 2008 aside from raising a tremendous amount of money to fund the Democratic campaign for the presidency.RESOURCES